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Phone : +260954922329

Email; broosaction@gmail.com

Whats app, ; +260966608952

SKYPE ; contact admin bruce @ ' bruce.m97


Broos actions new Website toplist,

Broos adz's new toplist brooshits.tophits.mobi is the best choice for you,
As its free of charge and it receives lots of visitors, its more like a visitors shareing portal while We send the most of traffics to the portal.
It seems to be a 2012, technology but can do wounders for your site,


Business and premium advertising

The premium program is best very for your business, project or main site, these adz are carefully taken and processed, to make sure a client is more. Pleased and happy.


Brand Identity

Broos action technologies Inc .offers high quality tech services, from Web development, application development, web serving, tech innovation etc,

Graphic Design

We help make high quality graphics either for your app, adverts , web sites, etc

Mobile Application

In this world of competition, many businesses are running up and down in looking for the best brand to help then make there professional business application . Well your lucky you found us, we can help you build professional Android apps,



  • Self control
  • Websites only
  • Special offers
  • 3,000+ monthly visits
  • Success promised


30/ mo

  • 15000+ weekly visits
  • Unlimited temporal mobile site, with active blog and forum.
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Targeted ads enabled.
  • 8 Limited external ads


67/ mo

  • Professional 2 star business android app
  • Unlimited , temporal business mobile site
  • Unlimited Reports
  • 25000+ weekly traffic
  • Unlimited reports. | targeted adz enabled, | 15 other external adz, | full application and sites control.
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